Our volunteers come to us for many reasons: some may be seeking a sense of purpose, some just need something to fill their time, some need routine back in their life after retiring or losing a job, and some want to teach their children the importance of giving back to their community. Whatever the reason, we have been blessed to have them work for us. We have witnessed volunteers who are looking for a job throw themselves into being here for us and within weeks find a job. 

We have seen young and old work together and listen as the older generation gives words of wisdom from their own personal experience. Recently we have witnessed our patrons volunteering as well. It is a joy to see those we serve on a regular basis giving back to their community. The Greensburg Community Bread of Life truly is a community of volunteers and patrons alike seeking to give God's loving care to each other.


Volunteers are utilized in as many ways as possible. Some of the opportunities include, but are not limited to: 

Prior to scheduling to volunteer, ff you are new to our kitchen, an information form (below) along with a background check (below) will need to be completed. Once the background check has been verified, we will contact you for scheduling. For security reasons, please bring the completed documents to the kitchen.  

Volunteer Information Form

Background Check



If you have community service to complete, you must call the kitchen and speak with Tina Sweeney, our volunteer coordinator 812-662-4887 to be scheduled.