Growing the soup kitchen has never been our dream.
We simply want to ensure if a person in our community is hungry, they are fed. Unfortunately, the need for our services has continued to grow and we are currently serving over 2,000 meals a month. We are blessed by the community support, volunteers, food donations, and food rescue efforts. However, we find ourselves requiring additional space for food storage and resources, so that we may continue to provide this essential service to our patrons. In an effort to support these needs, we have fundraising campaigns throughout the year. 
How the program works:

Farmers Feeding the Flock is our second largest annual fundraiser. This endeavor is a beautiful example of a partnership between our soup kitchen and local agricultural leaders to raise funds to feed the hungry. How it works:

  • A local farmer provides acreage for planting.

  • Bread of Life asks for in-kind gifts from local agriculture businesses as well as donations from our donors to help offset the cost of soil preparation, planting, fertilization, and harvest. 

  • After the growing season, crops are harvested and sold. 

  • Greensburg Community Bread of Life then receives all net profits to support expansion needs. 

Would you consider partnering with Bread of Life by "helping us acre at a time"? Any donation, no matter its size, will make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.


Farmers Feeding the Flock 2021 field sponsor is Hulsbosch Dairy Farm INC.

The 2021 Farmer’s Feeding the Flock donated field is located in southern part of Decatur County near the intersection of 700 W and 700 S.

This fundraiser got its start this year with the planting of a 30-acre corn silage field on May 25.  This is the first time corn silage has been the crop and will provide an opportunity for the community learn about dairy operations.  

This year’s corn silage field will be harvested before the corn is completely ripe.  The entire stalk and ear of corn will be chopped into ¾” inch and smaller pieces.  The equipment used to chop and transport the silage is unbelievably fast and powerful.  The rapid harvest process improves fermentation by minimizing exposure to oxygen.  This provides higher quality and more palatable feed for the dairy cows.


The field this year was planted with 34,000 seeds per acre, using a 24-row planter and 30 inches between the rows.  The seeds were planted at a uniform depth of 2.5 inches into the soil.   Seed used for higher quality corn silage was used.  This seed is a BMR (brown midrib) seed and is not used for conventional corn fields.  This seed provides higher forage yields and high digestibility.  It also provides low fiber levels and stover that is highly digestible.  Higher quality silage helps cows produce more milk.  Projected harvest time for this silage field will be late August or early September.

The Bread of Life would like to thank the Hulsbosch Family for providing this year’s field.  Watch for updates and information on dairy farming. 


For example, how much milk does an average dairy cow produce in a day?  Answer is 90 pounds or about 10 gallons of milk per day.  Hulsbosch’s top cow produces 155 pounds of milk or 18 gallons per day!